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DIALOG Bluesheets
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Dialog online-based information services help organizations across the globe to seek competitive advantages in such fields as business, science, engineering, finance, and law. The Dialog portfolio of products and services, including Dialog® and DataStar®, offers organizations the ability to precisely retrieve data from more than 2 billion unique records of key information, accessible via the Internet or through delivery to enterprise intranets.

With direct operations in 27 countries, Dialog products and services are a combination of highly accurate online research tools offering access to unique and relevant databases — designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of users. Information professionals and end-users at business, professional, scientific, academic and government organizations in more than 100 countries rely on Dialog services to meet their searching needs.

This document provides an alphabetical listing of the hundreds of databases on the DIALOG system. Each database reference has a hypertext link to a Bluesheet document containing the details of the database structure.


48523-sep-08Accounting & Tax Database
37317-dec-09Adis Clinical Trials Insight (1982-1989)
87317-dec-09Adis Clinical Trials Insight (1982 - 1989) - subscribers
17317-dec-09Adis Clinical Trials Insight (1990-present)
97317-dec-09Adis Clinical Trials Insight (1990 - present) - subscribers
42917-dec-09Adis Newsletters - Archive
42817-dec-09Adis Newsletters - Current
10717-dec-09Adis R&D Insight
90717-dec-09Adis R&D Insight - subscribers
16430-oct-03Allied and Complementary Medicine™
3319-apr-06Aluminium Industry Abstracts
62523-nov-09American Banker Financial Publications
30519-apr-06Analytical Abstracts
6019-apr-06ANTE: Abstracts in New Technologies and Engineering
25803-feb-10AP News (January 2000 to present)
85803-feb-10AP News (July 1984 through December 1999)
43927-dec-07Arts & Humanities Search®
4419-apr-06ASFA (Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts)
61930-jun-11Asia Intelligence Wire
50507-jul-11Asian Company Profiles
71329-feb-12Atlanta Journal-Constitution
71401-aug-08(Baltimore) The Sun
26808-jun-10Banking Information Source
76405-oct-10BCC Market Research
74429-feb-12(Biloxi) Sun Herald
13618-jan-08BioEngineering Abstracts
15706-sep-13BIOSIS® Toxicology
55206-sep-13BIOSIS Previews® (1926-1968)
506-sep-13BIOSIS Previews® (1926-present)
52506-sep-13BIOSIS Previews® (1969-present)
5506-sep-13BIOSIS Previews® (1993-present)
62623-nov-09Bond Buyer Full Text
63110-aug-10The Boston Globe
39201-mar-07Boston Herald
11618-nov-09Brands and Their Companies
12103-dec-02British Education Index
931-mar-11Business & Industry™
1331-mar-11Business & Management Practices®
63523-sep-08Business Dateline®
75908-aug-11Business Insights
81031-jul-08Business Wire (1986-Feb 1999)
61031-jul-08Business Wire (Mar 1999-present)
5016-jun-08CAB ABSTRACTS
26223-nov-09Canadian Business and Current Affairs Fulltext
72731-jul-08Canadian Newspapers
33519-apr-06Ceramic Abstracts/World Ceramics Abstracts
30315-apr-05Chapman and Hall Chemical Database
31925-sep-12Chemical Business NewsBase
31530-apr-12Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts
31719-apr-06Chemical Safety Newsbase
32527-feb-13Chinese Patents Fulltext
71515-jan-10The Christian Science Monitor
41025-jun-09The Chronolog®
6119-apr-06Civil Engineering Abstracts
22017-mar-04CLAIMS®/Citation (1790-1946)
22117-mar-04CLAIMS®/Citation (1947-1970)
22217-mar-04CLAIMS®/Citation (1971-present)
24228-jul-06CLAIMS®/Compound Registry
12301-may-09CLAIMS®/Current Patent Legal Status
34021-dec-10CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents
72529-feb-12(Cleveland) The Plain Dealer
5619-apr-06Computer and Information Systems
67430-oct-06Computer News Fulltext
51312-dec-11Corporate Affiliations
4619-apr-06Corrosion Abstracts
10815-jun-09CSA Aerospace & High Technology Database
2403-jul-13CSA Life Sciences Abstracts
2315-jun-09CSA Technology Research Database
44027-dec-07Current Contents Search®
51508-nov-11D&B - Dun's Electronic Business Directory®
51910-may-13D&B - Dun's Financial Records Plus™
51610-may-13D&B - Dun's Market Identifiers®
52310-may-13D&B European Financial RecordsSM
52010-may-13D&B WorldBase® - Canada
52110-may-13D&B WorldBase® - Europe
51810-may-13D&B WorldBase® - International
51710-may-13D&B WorldBase® - U.S.
52210-may-13D&B WorldBase® - Who Owns Whom
75601-aug-08Daily and Sunday Telegraph
76111-mar-09Datamonitor Market Research
56908-feb-00Decision Resources Pharmaceutical Industry Reports
38728-jul-08Denver Post
35522-may-06Derwent Chemistry Resource
37629-apr-10Derwent Drug File (1964-1982)
91329-apr-10Derwent Drug File (1964-1982) - subscribers
37729-apr-10Derwent Drug File (1983-present)
91229-apr-10Derwent Drug File (1983-present) - subscribers
35107-jan-13Derwent World Patents Index®
35007-jan-13Derwent World Patents Index Extension
35207-jan-13Derwent World Patents Index (for users in Japan)
41517-nov-09DIALOG Bluesheets™
41603-aug-10DIALOG Company Name Finder™
26422-jun-09DIALOG Defense Newsletters
26711-may-09DIALOG Finance & Banking Newsletters
2011-jul-11Dialog Global Reporter
41403-aug-10DIALOG Journal Name Finder™
99813-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2000-2003
99713-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2004-2005
99613-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2006-2007
99513-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2008
99413-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2009
99313-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2010
99213-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2011
99113-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom 2012
98913-jun-12DIALOG NewsRoom Alert
99013-jun-12Dialog NewsRoom Current
41303-aug-10DIALOG Product Code Finder™
18131-dec-09DIOGENES®: Adverse Drug Events Database
15803-jan-12DIOGENES® FDA Regulatory Updates
3530-jun-09Dissertation Abstracts Online
22502-jul-08Domain Names
13419-apr-06Earthquake Engineering Abstracts
62209-oct-12The Economist
812-dec-08Ei Compendex®
27812-dec-08Ei Compendex® 1970
28812-dec-08Ei Compendex® 1990
35422-jul-09Ei EnCompassLIT™
95422-jul-09Ei EnCompassLIT™ - subscribers
35301-may-09Ei EnCompassPAT™
95301-may-09Ei EnCompassPAT™ - subscribers
5706-feb-07Electronics and Communications Abstracts
7122-dec-08Elsevier Biobase
7328-sep-12EMBASE® (1974-present)
7228-sep-12EMBASE® (1993-present)
17228-sep-12EMBASE® Alert
97228-sep-12EMBASE Classic (1947-present)
11413-sep-11Encyclopedia of Associations
10326-feb-08Energy Science and Technology
29319-apr-06Engineered Materials Abstracts®
98812-dec-08Engineering Index Backfile
6419-apr-06Environmental Engineering Abstracts
7619-apr-06Environmental Sciences
51114-feb-11ESPICOM Country Health Care Reports
44103-aug-10ESPICOM Pharmaceutical & Medical Device News
51013-oct-11ESPICOM Pharmaceutical and Medical Company Profiles
34809-nov-09European Patents Fulltext
54710-may-13Experian's Business Credit Profiles
50027-jun-13Extel Financial Cards from Primark
19417-jun-09FBO Daily - Archive
19517-jun-09FBO Daily - Current
66029-mar-06Federal News Service
18012-jan-04Federal Register
26626-jan-04Federal Research in Progress (FEDRIP)
58901-nov-11FI Defense Market Intelligence Reports
5422-jul-10Foodline®: MARKET
5322-jul-10Foodline®: SCIENCE
7921-mar-03Foods Adlibra™
2609-dec-09Foundation Directory
2724-apr-09Foundation Grants Index
76315-mar-12Freedonia Market Research
37111-nov-04French Patents
76720-mar-09Frost & Sullivan Market Engineering
76529-mar-06Frost & Sullivan Market Intelligence
46921-dec-09Gale Database of Publications and Broadcast Media
23029-nov-10Gale Directory of Online, Portable, and Internet Databases
8031-mar-11Gale Group Aerospace/Defense Markets & Technology®
8831-mar-11Gale Group Business A.R.T.S. SM
47931-jan-12Gale Group Company Intelligence®
27523-sep-09Gale Group Computer Database™
1831-mar-11Gale Group F&S Index™
58329-aug-08Gale Group Globalbase™
14920-jul-09Gale Group Health & Wellness DatabaseSM
15030-dec-09Gale Group Legal Resource Index™
4731-mar-11Gale Group Magazine Database
7531-mar-11Gale Group Management Contents®
57011-aug-09Gale Group Marketing & Advertising Reference Service®
11103-nov-08Gale Group National Newspaper Index™
62110-aug-09Gale Group New Product Announcements/Plus®
21129-aug-08Gale Group Newsearch™
63611-aug-09Gale Group Newsletter Database™
64929-aug-08Gale Group Newswire ASAP™
16031-mar-11Gale Group PROMT® (1972-1989)
1631-mar-11Gale Group PROMT® (1990 - present)
14819-jan-10Gale Group Trade & Industry Database™
9830-dec-11General Science Abstracts
32430-jan-08German Patents Fulltext
16216-jun-08Global Health
19818-aug-08Health Devices Alerts®
18824-nov-08Health Devices Sourcebook®
46231-jan-06Hospital Inpatient Profiles (HIP)
46331-jan-06Hospital Outpatient Profiles Database (HOP)
56118-jul-11ICC British Company Directory
56217-dec-09ICC British Company Financial Datasheets
11823-apr-12ICONDA - International Construction Database
9230-oct-08IHS International Standards and Specifications
44917-jun-09IMS Company Profiles
98417-jun-09IMS Company Profiles - subscribers
44619-oct-09IMS New Product Focus
97619-oct-09IMS New Product Focus - subscribers
44719-sep-10IMS Patent Focus
94719-sep-10IMS Patent Focus - subscribers
44516-oct-06IMS R&D Focus
95516-oct-06IMS R&D Focus - subscribers
46510-jun-10Incidence and Prevalence Database (IPD)
71130-sep-08Independent (London)
30212-jul-12Index Chemicus
34505-jan-13INPADOC/Family and Legal Status
6519-apr-06Inside Conferences
20219-nov-12Inspec (1898-1968)
219-nov-12Inspec (1898-present)
319-nov-12Inspec (1969-present)
419-nov-12Inspec (1983-present)
16923-jul-10Insurance Periodicals Index
7406-sep-13International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
54513-aug-09Investext® Archive
74506-jan-11Investext® PDF Fulltext
15306-sep-13IPA Toxicology
47719-nov-09The Irish Times
58701-mar-10Jane's Defence and Security News
61231-jul-08Japan Economic NewswireSM Plus
34723-feb-07JAPIO - Patent Abstracts of Japan
63731-oct-12The Journal of Commerce
76629-sep-08Kalorama Information Market Research
59205-oct-11Kompass Asia/Pacific
59431-dec-12Kompass Canada
59330-apr-13Kompass Central/Eastern Europe
58627-sep-11Kompass Latin America
58522-sep-11Kompass Middle East/Africa/Mediterranean
58409-jan-13Kompass USA
59030-apr-13Kompass Western Europe
45705-nov-09The Lancet®
74910-feb-10Latin American News
42619-may-09LC MARC - Books
43830-dec-11Library Literature and Information Science
23412-nov-10Marquis Who's Who®
33213-nov-09Material Safety Data Sheets - OHS™
26919-apr-06Materials Business File
60803-oct-08McClatchy-Tribune Information Service
62427-feb-13The McGraw-Hill Companies Publications Online
1419-apr-06Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts
16712-mar-07Medical Device Register
15527-feb-13MEDLINE® (1950-present)
15427-feb-13MEDLINE® (1990-present)
15207-nov-12MEDLINE® Publisher (2010-present)
30410-sep-12The Merck Index OnlineSM
55817-jan-13Mergent China Private Company Database
55518-jun-08Mergent Company Profiles
2903-jul-13Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts
70231-jul-08The Miami Herald
8131-dec-09MIRA - Motor Industry Research Association
75724-nov-08Mirror Group Publications
44401-sep-11New England Journal of Medicine
36923-jun-10New Scientist
63829-feb-12Newsday and New York Newsday
48323-sep-08Newspaper Abstracts Daily
13515-mar-12NewsRX Weekly Reports
47128-jul-08New York Times® - Fulltext
47419-nov-09New York Times Abstracts
615-apr-10NTIS - National Technical Information Service
2819-apr-06Oceanic Abstracts
21531-mar-11ONTAP® ABI/INFORM®
21030-aug-07ONTAP® AGRICOLA
38519-apr-06ONTAP® Analytical Abstracts
25527-dec-07ONTAP® Arts & Humanities Search®
20506-sep-13ONTAP® BIOSIS Previews®
27921-dec-10ONTAP® CLAIMS®/U.S. Patents
27610-may-13ONTAP® D&B - Dun's Market Identifiers®
28007-jan-13ONTAP® Derwent World Patents Index
29015-aug-05ONTAP® DIALINDEX®
20812-dec-08ONTAP® Ei Compendex®
38301-may-09ONTAP® Ei EnCompassPAT™
27228-sep-12ONTAP® EMBASE®
80326-feb-08ONTAP® Energy Science and Technology
25129-jun-12ONTAP® FSTA®
80523-sep-09ONTAP® Gale Group Computer Database™
24731-mar-11ONTAP® Gale Group Magazine Database™
28111-aug-09ONTAP® Gale Group Marketing & Advertising Reference Service®
21631-mar-11ONTAP® Gale Group PROMT®
25305-jan-13ONTAP® INPADOC/Family and Legal Status
21319-nov-12ONTAP® Inspec
27406-sep-13ONTAP® International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
27713-aug-09ONTAP® Investext®
25427-feb-13ONTAP® MEDLINE®
20615-apr-10ONTAP® NTIS - National Technical Information Service
21231-jul-12ONTAP® PsycINFO®
29415-feb-10ONTAP® SciSearch® - a Cited Reference Science Database
20729-oct-09ONTAP® Social SciSearch®
29623-nov-09ONTAP® TRADEMARKSCAN® - U.S. Federal
80702-mar-12ONTAP® TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts)
21910-may-13ONTAP D&B; - Dun's Financial Records Plus™
4929-jul-08PAIS International
34218-aug-09Patents Citation Index
48404-dec-09Periodical Abstracts PlusText™
13004-mar-10Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News Database (PHIND) - Daily - Subscribers
12904-mar-10Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry News Database (PHIND) - Weekly - Subscribers
4223-sep-08Pharmaceutical News Index (PNI®)
92831-jul-12Pharmaprojects - subscribers
63326-apr-11The Philadelphia Inquirer
49223-mar-10(Phoenix) The Arizona Republic/The Phoenix Gazette
13819-apr-06Physical Education Index
57216-mar-11PIERS Exports (Latin America)
57116-mar-11PIERS Exports (U.S. Ports)
57416-mar-11PIERS Imports (Latin America)
57316-mar-11PIERS Imports (U.S. Ports)
24823-apr-09PIRA (Packaging, Paper, Printing and Publishing, Imaging and Nonwovens Abstracts)
4119-apr-06Pollution Abstracts
70429-feb-12(Portland) The Oregonian
81331-jul-08PR Newswire (1987-Apr 1999)
61331-jul-08PR Newswire (May 1999-present)
78108-jul-09ProQuest Newsstand™
45801-sep-11Prous Science Daily Essentials - Daily
45901-sep-11Prous Science Daily Essentials - Weekly
45201-sep-11Prous Science Drug Data Report
45501-sep-11Prous Science Drug News & Perspectives
45301-sep-11Prous Science Drugs of the Future™
32302-oct-09RAPRA Polymer Library
14130-dec-11Readers' Guide Abstracts
33627-sep-11Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS®)
18304-mar-10Regulatory Affairs Journals - Subscribers
11509-dec-09Research Centers and Services Directory
64113-mar-09Rocky Mountain News
64029-feb-12San Francisco Chronicle
63429-feb-12San Jose Mercury News
43415-feb-10SciSearch® - a Cited Reference Science Database - 1974-1989
3415-feb-10SciSearch® - a Cited Reference Science Database - 1990-
729-oct-09Social SciSearch®
6819-apr-06Solid State and Superconductivity Abstracts
72631-jul-08South China Morning Post
49429-feb-12St. Louis Post-Dispatch
73529-feb-12St. Petersburg Times
13320-nov-09Standard & Poor's Corporate Descriptions plus News
52723-jul-08Standard & Poor's Register - Corporate
50211-jan-10Teikoku Databank: Japanese Companies
9530-apr-12TEMA® - Technology and Management
55029-jul-08TFSD Initial Public Offerings
55417-may-11TFSD Joint Ventures & Alliances
54029-jul-13TFSD Ownership Database
55129-jul-08TFSD Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions
53504-jun-10Thomas Register Online®
54929-jul-08Thomson Financial Insider Trading Monitor
71031-jul-08Times/Sunday Times (London)
65624-feb-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Australia
66210-jun-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Austria
65828-may-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Benelux
12707-dec-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Canada
65115-jul-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - China
22713-jul-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Community Trademarks
68011-jun-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Czech Republic
65910-jun-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Denmark
67921-jul-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Finland
65724-feb-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - France
67220-mar-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Germany
68116-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Hungary
67103-dec-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - International Register
68316-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Ireland
67324-feb-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Italy
69724-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Latvia
67724-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Liechtenstein
68521-dec-10TRADEMARKSCAN® - Lithuania
66813-nov-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Mexico
66316-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Monaco
67804-may-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Norway
68211-jun-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Poland
68824-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Portugal
67616-sep-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Slovak Republic
65503-mar-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - South Korea
22820-mar-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Spain
67513-jul-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Sweden
66116-jun-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - Switzerland
22623-nov-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - U.S. Federal
24623-nov-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - U.S. State
12612-jun-09TRADEMARKSCAN® - United Kingdom
6331-may-13Transport Research Internatinal Documentation
8702-mar-12TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts)
98602-mar-12TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts) - subscribers
98702-mar-12TULSA™ (Petroleum Abstracts) - subscribers
12023-dec-08U.S. Copyrights
65213-oct-05U.S. Patents Fulltext (1971-1975)
65402-sep-08U.S. Patents Fulltext (1976-present)
64722-apr-09UBM Computer Fulltext
48030-mar-12Ulrich's Periodicals Directory&tm
70331-jul-08USA Today
46407-feb-08USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names
47525-mar-11Wall Street Journal Abstracts
71729-feb-12The Washington Times
11705-feb-07Water Resources Abstracts
9930-dec-11Wilson Applied Science & Technology Abstracts
55330-dec-11Wilson Business Abstracts
14230-dec-11Wilson Social Sciences Abstracts
34922-aug-06WIPO/PCT Patents Fulltext
98520-may-10World News Connection (WNC)
3129-jul-13World Surface Coatings Abstracts™
6701-sep-11World Textiles™
81812-may-09Xinhua News (1996-May 1999)
61812-may-09Xinhua News (June 1999-present)
18506-sep-13Zoological Record Online®

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