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Last Loaded on Web: Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Last Update To Bluesheet: August 15, 2005

Bluesheet Contents     PDF version

File Description Database Content Special Features Sample Record Rates
Tips Document Types Indexed Contact Rank
Dialog File Data Geographic Coverage Terms and Conditions Predefined Format Options

File Description [top]

DIALINDEX®, File 411, is the online master index to DIALOG databases (excluding menu-driven files and gateways). It is designed to assist users in identifying the DIALOG databases that contain information on a given subject. Search topics can be tested in a group of files of the user's choosing or in one or more database categories provided by DIALOG. Using a single SELECT statement of up to 240 characters to describe the search topic, a user can easily determine which databases are the best candidates for a search on the desired topic.

File 290, ONTAP DIALINDEX, offers users an opportunity to practice database selection using the ONTAP files. See page 411-4 of this Bluesheet for a list of the ONTAP categories.


To maximize the value of using DIALINDEX, and also OneSearch®, DIALOG databases have been grouped into categories by subject. Each category is assigned an acronym for use in searching that file group; for example, the Market Research category has the acronym MKTRES. Supercategories, which are groups of categories such as ALLBUSINESS, can be searched only in DIALINDEX.

An index to Categories and Supercategories is available at A hierarchical presentation (without acronyms) is available at

A complete list of databases included in each category may be found online on Dialog by entering HELP and the eight characters of a category's acronym.


SET FILES/SHOW FILES. After BEGINning in DIALINDEX (B 411), specify the list of files to be searched with the SET FILES (abbreviated SF) command. The file list can consist of file numbers, one or more category acronyms, or a combination, e.g., SF 16,POLLUT. Databases may be eliminated from a category using NOT, e.g., SF MKTRES NOT 570. To see the file banners for the file list specified with SET FILES, enter the command SHOW FILES.

SELECT. All of the features of the SELECT command can be used, but no sets are created in DIALINDEX. To apply the same SELECT command to a new SET FILES list, simply enter S alone.

EXPAND. The EXPAND command may be used to view the indexes of up to 100 files, but EXPAND entries cannot be SELECTed in DIALINDEX.

SAVE TEMP. The SAVE TEMP command may be used in DIALINDEX to save the SELECT command for additional searching in actual DIALOG files. Be sure to save the strategy before using RANK FILES.

RANK FILES. DIALINDEX output displays in file number order. To rank results in order by the number of items retrieved from each file, enter the RANK FILES (abbreviated RF) command. The resulting display includes N-reference numbers which can be used instead of file numbers to begin a search in the desired files, e.g., BEGIN N1-N5,N9.

Tips [top]


to quickly and easily identify files that contain information on a given subject.


to save a SELECT statement after using it in DIALINDEX.


to begin a search directly in all files having DIALINDEX results. Then use EXS to re-run your saved searched.

Subject Coverage [top]

Dialog File Data [top]

Dates Covered: Revised November 1998 (File 411)
Update Frequency: Irregular (File 411)
Undefined (File 290)

Database Content [top]

  • Directories

Document Types Indexed [top]

  • Databases

Geographic Coverage [top]

  • International

Geographic Restrictions [top]

  • None

Special Features [top]

  • Graduate Education Program

Contact [top]

DIALINDEX is produced by Dialog. Questions concerning its use should be directed to:

Dialog LLC
The Knowledge Center
2250 Perimeter Park Drive
Suite 300

Morrisville, NC 27560

Telephone: 919.804.6400
800 Line: 1-800-3DIALOG
Fax: 919.804.6410

Terms and Conditions [top]

ONTAP and DIALINDEX are registered trademarks of Dialog LLC..

No special terms or conditions.

Dialog Standard Terms & Conditions apply.


    ?BEGIN 411 
    File 411:DIALINDEX(R) 
       (c) 1998 Dialog. All rights reserved. 
    *** DIALINDEX search results display in an abbreviated *** 
    *** format unless you enter the SET DETAIL ON command. *** 
    ?sf papersmj,47 not 703 
       You have 16 files in your file list. 
      (To see banners, use SHOW FILES command) 
    ?s (college? or universit?)(4n)(liquor or drinking or alcohol)/ti,lp,de not 
    Your SELECT statement is: 
       s (college? or universit?)(4n)(liquor or drinking or alcohol)/ti,lp,de not 
               Items   File 
               -----   ---- 
                  73   146: Washington Post Online_1983-1998/Oct 12 
                  13   387: The Denver Post_1994-1998/Oct 09 
                   3   471: New York Times Fulltext-90 Day_1998/Oct 12 
                   6   478: Houston Chronicle_1990-1998/Oct 12 
                  82   498: Detroit Free Press_1987-1998/Oct 08 
                  22   630: Los Angeles Times_1993-1998/Oct 12 
                 137   631: Boston Globe_1980-1998/Oct 09 
                  86   632: Chicago Tribune_1985-1998/Oct 12 
                  99   633: Phil.Inquirer_1983-1998/Oct 11 
                  42   638: Newsday/New York Newsday_1987-1998/Oct 11 
                  50   640: San Francisco Chronicle_1988-1998/Oct 12 
                  56   702: Miami Herald_1983-1998/Oct 09 
                  94   713: Atlanta J/Const._1989-1998/Oct 11 
                   6   715: Christian Sci.Mon._1989-1998/Oct 13 
                  25   725: (Cleveland)Plain Dealer_Aug 1991-1998/Oct 11 
                  46    47: Magazine Database(TM)_1959-1998/Oct 12 
       All files have one or more items; file list includes 16 files. 
    ?save temp alc 
    Temp SearchSave "TDALC" stored 
    ?rank files 
    Your last SELECT statement was: 
    Ref        Items   File 
    ---        -----   ---- 
    N1           137   631: Boston Globe_1980-1998/Oct 09 
    N2            99   633: Phil.Inquirer_1983-1998/Oct 11 
    N3            94   713: Atlanta J/Const._1989-1998/Oct 11 
    N4            86   632: Chicago Tribune_1985-1998/Oct 12 
    N5            82   498: Detroit Free Press_1987-1998/Oct 08 
    N6            73   146: Washington Post Online_1983-1998/Oct 12 
    N7            56   702: Miami Herald_1983-1998/Oct 09 
    N8            50   640: San Francisco Chronicle_1988-1998/Oct 12 
    N9            46    47: Magazine Database(TM)_1959-1998/Oct 12 
    N10           42   638: Newsday/New York Newsday_1987-1998/Oct 11 
       All files have one or more items; file list includes 16 files. 
            - Enter P or PAGE for more - 
    Your last SELECT statement was: 
    Ref        Items   File 
    ---        -----   ---- 
    N11           25   725: (Cleveland)Plain Dealer_Aug 1991-1998/Oct 11 
    N12           22   630: Los Angeles Times_1993-1998/Oct 12 
    N13           13   387: The Denver Post_1994-1998/Oct 09 
    N14            6   478: Houston Chronicle_1990-1998/Oct 12 
    N15            6   715: Christian Sci.Mon._1989-1998/Oct 13 
    N16             3   471: New York Times Fulltext-90 Day_1998/Oct 12 
       All files have one or more items; file list includes 16 files. 
    At this point, initiate a OneSearch using BEGIN HITS, BEGIN N numbers, or 
    BEGIN categories and/or File numbers. Then use EXS tdalc to re-run saved 


    ALLBIOSCI  (Biosciences) 
    ALLBUSINESS  (Business) 
    ALLCHEM  (Chemistry) 
    ALLCHEMH  (Chemical Handbooks and  Encyclopedias) 
    ALLCODIR  (Company Directories) 
    ALLCOFIN  (Company Financials and Reports) 
    ALLCOMMON  (Common Law Marks) 
    ALLENERGY  (Energy) 
    ALLENG  (Engineering) 
    ALLENVIR  (Environment) 
    ALLGOVER  (Government) 
    ALLHUMAN  (Humanities) 
    ALLINDMK  (Industries and Markets) 
    ALLIP  (Intellectual Property) 
    ALLMATER (Materials) 
    ALLMEDPH  (Medicine and Pharmaceuticals) 
    ALLNEWS  (News) 
    ALLONTAP  (ONTAP Files) 
    ALLPAPER  (Newspapers Fulltext) 
    ALLPAT  (Patents) 
    ALLPATFU  (Patents - Fulltext) 
    ALLPHYS (Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics  Research) 
    ALLPRODUCTS (Products) 
    ALLREFERENCE  (Reference) 
    ALLSCIENCE  (Science) 
    ALLSOC  (Social Sciences) 
    ALLSOCHU  (Social Sciences and Humanities) 
    ALLTMKS  (Trademarks) 
    Supercategories can only be searched in DIALINDEX. 


    ADCO  (Advertising Company Directories) 
    ADIS  (ADIS Files) 
    ADVERTBU  (Advertising and Media Industry News) 
    AEROBUS  (Aerospace and Defense Industry News) 
    AEROSPACE  (Aerospace) 
    AFPEW  (Agence France Presse English Wires) 
    AFPFW  (Agence France Presse French Wires) 
    AFRICANE  (Africa News Files) 
    AGRI  (Agriculture) 
    AGRIBUS  (Food and Agriculture Industry News) 
    ALTMED  (Alternative Medicine) 
    APNEWS  (AP News Files) 
    ARCHITEC  (Architecture) 
    ARTS  (Arts and Humanities) 
    ARTTAPS  (Arts and Humanities ONTAPS) 
    ASIACO  (Asia/Pacific Company Directories) 
    ASIAFIN  (Asia/Pacific Company Financials) 
    ASIANEWS  (Asia/Pacific News) 
    ASSNS  (Associations) 
    ASTRON  (Astronomy) 
    AUTO  (Automotive Research) 
    BIOBUS  (Biosciences and Biotechnology Industry News) 
    BIOCHEM  (Biochemistry) 
    BIOGRAPH  (Biography) 
    BIOSCI  (Biosciences) 
    BIOTAPS  (Bioscience ONTAPS) 
    BIOTECH  (Biotechnology) 
    BOOKS  (Book Catalogs) 
    BRANDNMS  (Brand Names) 
    BRIDGE  (Bridge World Markets News) 
    BUSECON  (Business Economics) 
    BUSSTAT  (Industry/Product Statistics) 
    BUSTAPS  (Business ONTAPS) 
    BUSWIRE  (Business Wire Files) 
    BUYERS  (Buyers Guides) 
    CANADACO  (Canadian Company Directories) 
    CANADANE  (Canadian News) 
    CANWIRE  (Canada Newswire Files) 
    CAS  (Chemical Abstracts Service) 
    CASREGNO  (CAS(R) Registry Numbers-Chemical and Medical Files) 
    CERAMICS  (Ceramics and Composites) 
    CHEMBUS  (Chemical Industry News) 
    CHEMCO  (Chemical Manufacturers/Suppliers) 
    CHEMENG  (Chemical Engineering) 
    CHEMLIT  (Chemical Literature) 
    CHEMPAT  (Chemical Patent Files) 
    CHEMPROD  (Chemical Product Directories) 
    CHEMPROP  (Chemical Properties) 
    CHEMREGS  (Chemical Regulation) 
    CHEMSUBS  (Chemical Substances) 
    CHEMTAPS (Chemistry ONTAPS) 
    CITEDREF  (Cited References) 
    CIVILENG  (Civil Engineering) 
    CLAIMS  (CLAIMS/U.S. Patents) 
    COATINGS  (Paints and Coatings) 
    CODIR  (Company Directories) 
    COMMON  (Other Common Law Sources) 
    COMPOSITES  (Ceramics and Composites) 
    COMPSCI  (Computers/Electronics/Telecommunications) 
    CONFPAP  (Conference Papers) 
    CONSUMER  (Consumer Information) 
    CORPHIER  (Corporate Structure and Hierarchy) 
    COUNTRIE  (Country Report) 
    DATABASE  (Database Directories) 
    DEFBUS  (Defense and Aerospace Industry) 
    DEFTAPS  (Defense and Aerospace Industry ONTAPS) 
    DEFTECH  (Defense Technology) 
    DRUGCO  (Pharmaceutical Company Directories) 
    DRUGCOUN  (Pharmaceutical Country Reports) 
    DRUGDEV  (Drug Development Pipeline) 
    DRUGDIR  (Drug Directories) 
    DRUGECON  (Pharmacoeconomics) 
    DRUGPRO  (Pharmaceutical Company Profiles) 
    DUNSINTL  (D&B International Directory Files) 
    ECOLOGY  (Ecology and Conservation) 
    ECON  (Economics) 
    EDGAR  (EdgarPlus(TM) Files) 
    EDUCAT  (Education) 
    EECOMP  (Electrical Engineering) 
    EIU  (Economist Intelligence Unit Files) 
    ELECTENG  (Electrical Engineering) 
    ELECTRON  (Computers, Electronics, and Telecommunications) 
    ENERGY  (Energy) 
    ENERGYA  (Energy Files + API Subscriber files) 
    ENERGYBUS  (Energy Industry News) 
    ENERGYP  (Energy Files + TULSA Subscriber files) 
    ENERGYRE  (Energy Regulation) 
    ENG  (Engineering) 
    ENGBUS  (Engineering and Construction News) 
    ENVIRON  (Environment) 
    ENVREGS  (Environmental Regulation) 
    EURBUSNEWS  (European Regional Business News) 
    EUROMON  (Euromonitor Files) 
    EUROPECO  (European Company Directories) 
    EUROPEFIN  (European Company Financials) 
    EUROPENEWS  (European News Sources) 
    EUROTMKS  (European and International Register Trademarks) 
    EVENTS  (Upcoming Conferences and Events) 
    EXECNEWS  (Executive News) 
    EXTEL  (EXTEL International Files) 
    FBO  (FedBizOps Daily Files) 
    FINBUS  (Banking and Financial Services News) 
    FIRST  (Continuously Updated News Files) 
    FOODREGS  (Food Regulation) 
    FOODSCI  (Food Sciences) 
    FORESTRY  (Forestry) 
    FOUNDAT  (Foundations/Grants) 
    FRANCENE  (News of France) 
    FROST  (Frost & Sullivan Files) 
    GENERALNEWS  (General News Files) 
    GENMAGS  (General Interest Magazines) 
    GEOLOGY  (Geology) 
    GEOLOGYP  (Geology + TULSA Subscriber file) 
    GEOPHYS  (Geophysics) 
    GEOSCI  (Geosciences) 
    GOVT   (Government) 
    GOVTPROC  (Business Opportunities/Procurement/Contracts) 
    GPO  (U.S. Government Printing Office Publications) 
    HEALTH  (Health) 
    HEALTHBU  (Healthcare Industry News) 
    HISTORY  (History) 
    HUMANIT  (Humanities) 
    IMS  (IMS Files) 
    IMSSUB  (IMSworld Subscriber Files) 
    INFOSCI  (Library and Information Services) 
    INSTRUM  (Instrumentation and Control) 
    INTLCO  (International Company Directories) 
    INTLNEWS  (Global News (English-Language Sources)) 
    INVESTME  (Investment Analysts' Reports) 
    IPO  (Initial Public Offerings) 
    ITARTASS  (ItarTass News Files) 
    JAPANCO  (Japanese Company Directories) 
    JAPANNEWS  (Japanese Business News) 
    LABOR  (Labor) 
    LANGUAGE  (Language and Linguistics) 
    LATINCO  (Latin American Company Directories) 
    LATINNEWS  (Latin American News) 
    LAW  (Legal Information) 
    LAWENFOR  (Law Enforcement) 
    LCCAT  (LC Catalog Files) 
    LEISURE  (Leisure/Recreation/Travel) 
    MAGSALL  (Journals and Magazines) 
    MAGTEXT  (Full-Text Journals and Magazines) 
    MANAGE  (Management) 
    MANEWS  (Mergers and Acquisitions News) 
    MANUFACT  (Manufacturing) 
    MANUFBUS  (Manufacturing Industry News) 
    MARINE  (Marine Science) 
    MARKETFU  (Market Research Reports) 
    MATBUS   (Materials Industry News) 
    MATERIALS  (Materials) 
    MATH  (Mathematics) 
    MATRANS  (M&A Transactional Directories) 
    MECHENG  (Mechanical Engineering) 
    MEDDEV  (Medical Devices) 
    MEDDEVCO  (Medical Device Company Profiles) 
    MEDENG  (Medical Engineering) 
    MEDIADIR  (Directories -- Periodicals/Other Media) 
    MEDICINE  (Medicine) 
    MEDTAPS  (Medical File ONTAPS) 
    MEDTEXT  (Fulltext Medical Journal Files) 
    MERGEACQ  (Mergers and Acquisitions) 
    METALS  (Metals) 
    METEOROL  (Meteorology) 
    MIDEASTC  (Middle Eastern/African Company Directories) 
    MIDEASTN  (Middle Eastern/African News) 
    MINING  (Mining) 
    MKTRES  (Market Research Information) 
    MSDS  (Materials Safety Data Sheets) 
    MULTIIND  (General Industry Information) 
    NAPAPLUS  (Newspapers and Periodical Abstracts) 
    NATMKS  (North America Trademarks) 
    NEWS2002 (Newsroom 2002 Content) 
    NEWSCO  (Company News) 
    NEWSDAILY  (News, Current - Daily Updates) 
    NEWSFILE  (News, Archival) 
    NEWSINDEX  (Newspaper Indexes) 
    NEWSROOM  (Newsroom files, all years) 
    NEWSWIRES  (Newswires) 
    NUCSCI  (Nuclear Science) 
    NURSING  (Nursing and Health Administration) 
    NUTRIT  (Nutrition) 
    OILPAT  (Petroleum and Energy Patents) 
    ONTAPS  (Online Training And Practice Files) 
    OTHERSOC  (Other Sources) 
    OWNERS  (Ownership) 
    PAINTS  (Paints and Coatings) 
    PAPERS  (Newspapers) 
    PAPERSCA  (California Newspapers) 
    PAPERSCE  (U.S. Central Region Newspapers) 
    PAPERSCO  (Colorado Newspapers) 
    PAPERSDC  (District of Columbia Newspapers) 
    PAPERSEU  (European Newspapers) 
    PAPERSFL  (Florida Newspapers) 
    PAPERSGA  (Georgia Newspapers) 
    PAPERSIN  (Indiana Newspapers) 
    PAPERSKR  (Knight-Ridder Newspapers) 
    PAPERSKY  (Kentucky Newspapers) 
    PAPERSLA  (Louisiana Newspapers) 
    PAPERSMA  (Massachusetts Newspapers) 
    PAPERSME  (Maine Newspapers) 
    PAPERSMJ  (U.S. Major Newspapers) 
    PAPERSMN  (Minnesota Newspapers) 
    PAPERSMO  (Missouri Newspapers) 
    PAPERSNC  (North Carolina Newspapers) 
    PAPERSNE  (U.S. Northeast Region Newspapers) 
    PAPERSNU  (New Papers added since March 1997) 
    PAPERSNY  (New York Newspapers) 
    PAPERSOH  (Ohio Newspapers) 
    PAPERSPA  (Pennsylvania Newspapers) 
    PAPERSSC  (South Carolina Newspapers) 
    PAPERSSE  (U.S. Southeast Region Newspapers) 
    PAPERSTX  (Texas Newspapers) 
    PAPERSUK  (United Kingdom Newspapers) 
    PAPERSVA  (Virginia Newspapers) 
    PAPERSWA  (Washington (State) Newspapers) 
    PAPERSWE  (U.S. Western Region Newspapers) 
    PAPERSWI  (Wisconsin Newspapers) 
    PAPERTECH  (Paper Technology) 
    PATAMER  (American Patents) 
    PATASIA  (Asia-Pacific Patents) 
    PATCITES  (Patent Citation Files) 
    PATENTCN  (Chinese Patents) 
    PATENTEP  (European Patents) 
    PATENTFR  (French Patents) 
    PATENTJP  (Japanese Patents) 
    PATENTS  (Patents) 
    PATENTUS  (U.S. Patents) 
    PATF  (Full Text U.S. Patents) 
    PATFAM  (Equivalent Patents/Families) 
    PATFULL  (Full Text U.S. Patents 
    PATLEGAL  (U.S. Patent Litigation) 
    PATSTAT  (Post-Issuance Legal Status) 
    PATTAPS  (Patent ONTAPS) 
    PATTEXT  (Fulltext Patents) 
    PATWORLD  (Worldwide Patents) 
    PCINFO  (Personal Computer Information) 
    PEOPLE  (People) 
    PETROL  (Petroleum, Oil and Gas) 
    PETROLA  (Petroleum, Oil and Gas + API Subscriber Files) 
    PETROLP  (Petroleum, Oil and Gas + TULSA Subscriber Files) 
    PHARM  (Pharmacology) 
    PHARMIND   (Pharmaceutical Industry News) 
    PHARMPAT  (Pharmaceutical Patents) 
    PHARMR  (Pharmacology + RINGDOC-Files) 
    PHARMREG  (Pharmaceutical Regulation) 
    PHILOS  (Philosophy and Religion) 
    PHIND  (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare News Files) 
    PHYSICS  (Physics) 
    PIERS  (PIERS Export and Import Files 
    PJB   (PJB Files) 
    PKGTECH  (Packaging Technology) 
    PLASTICS  (Rubber and Plastics) 
    POLISCI  (Political Science) 
    POLLUT  (Pollution) 
    PRNEWS  (PR Newswire Files) 
    PRODANN  (Product Announcements) 
    PRODINFO  (Product Information) 
    PRODUCTS   (Industrial and Consumer Products) 
    PROMT  (PROMT Files) 
    PROUS  (Prous Science Publishers Files) 
    PSYCH  (Psychology) 
    PUBAFF  (Public Affairs) 
    PUBCO  (United States Public Company Filings and Financials) 
    REGIONAL  (United States Regional Business News) 
    REGS  (Regulations) 
    REMARC  (REMARC Files) 
    RESCENTE  (Research Centers) 
    RETAILBU  (Retail Industry News) 
    REVIEWS  (Book Reviews) 
    RNCHEM  (CAS(R) Registry Numbers - Chemistry Files) 
    RNLOOKUP  (CAS(R) Registry Number Lookup) 
    RNMED  (CAS(R) Registry Numbers - Medical Files) 
    SABI  (South American Business Information) 
    SAFETY  (Safety) 
    SCHOOLS  (School Directories) 
    SCITAPS  (Science and Technology ONTAPS) 
    SCITECH  (Science and Technology) 
    SECONLIN  (SEC Online Files) 
    SOCSCI  (Social Science) 
    SOCTAPS  (Social Science ONTAPS) 
    SOFTWARE  (Software Directories) 
    STATUSEP   (European Patent Office) 
    STATUSUS  (United States Patent Office) 
    TAXACCT  (Tax and Accounting) 
    TECHDIR  (Technology Company/Organization Directories) 
    TECHPAT  (Technology Patents) 
    TELEBUS  (Telecommunications Business) 
    TELECOM  (Telecommunications Technology) 
    TEXTILE  (Textiles) 
    TICKERDI  (Company Directories with Ticker Symbols) 
    TICKERNE    (Company News Files with Ticker Symbols) 
    TMKAMER  (All America Trademarks) 
    TMKS  (All Trademarks) 
    TMLEGAL  (U.S. Trademark Litigation) 
    TODAYSNE  (Today's News) 
    TOXHAND  (Toxicity Handbooks) 
    TOXICOL  (Toxicology) 
    TRADE  (Trade & Import/Export Files) 
    TRADELIT  (Trade Literature) 
    TRADEMEX  (Trade Transactions - Mexico) 
    TRADEMKS  (All Trademarks) 
    TRADEUS  (Trade Transactions - United States) 
    TRANSBUS  (Transportation Industry News) 
    TRANSPOR  (Transportation) 
    UKCO  (United Kingdom Company Directories) 
    UKFIN  (United Kingdom Company Financials) 
    UKNEWS  (United Kingdom News) 
    UPI  (UPI News Files) 
    USCO  (U.S. Company Directories) 
    USFEDNEW  (U.S. Federal News Files) 
    USFIN  (U.S. Company Financial Sources) 
    USGOVPUB  (U.S. Government Publications) 
    USNEWSWI  (U.S. Newswire Files) 
    USPATFUL  (U.S. Patent Office (Official Gazette)) 
    USPOLICY  (U.S. Government Policy) 
    USREGS  (U.S. Government Regulations) 
    USTMKS  (U.S. Trademarks) 
    VETSCI  (Veterinary Science) 
    WASHNEWS  (Washington D.C. News) 
    WASTE  (Waste Management) 
    WATER  (Water and Aquatic Sciences) 
    WOPOLICY  (World Government Policy) 
    WPI  (World Patent Index Files) 
    XINHUA  (Xinhua News Files) 
    Databases within each category can be displayed online while searching Dialog, 
    by entering HELP categoryname, e.g., HELP USREGS. 



Rates [top]

Rates For File: ONTAP® DIALINDEX®[290]
Cost per DialUnit:                 $0.00
Cost per minute:                   $0.00
Rank Elements                      $0.00

Format    Types   Prints
     1    $0.00    $0.00
     2    $0.00    $0.00
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     6    $0.00    $0.00
     7    $0.00    $0.00
     8    $0.00    $0.00
     9    $0.00    $0.00
Rates For File: DIALINDEX®[411]
Cost per DialUnit:                 $3.60
Cost per minute:                   $1.38
Rank Elements                      $0.00

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