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Dialog Bluesheets

Bluesheets are written guides for every database on the Dialog® service. They contain detailed instructions on search techniques for the special features of each database, including file description, subject coverage, date range, update frequency, sources of the data, and the origin of the information. On the Bluesheet you will also find a sample record that shows what you can expect to obtain when you perform a search in the database.

The most important part of the Bluesheet, however, is the Search Options section. Here you see the field labels that you can use to focus or narrow your search, as well as examples of how to use them online. Bluesheets on the Web are updated regularly and reflect the most current database information available.They also contain up-to-date rates information.

For additional help with finding the most relevant databases for your information needs, consult the Dialog Database Selection Guide.

A current list of Bluesheets can be viewed by

  • Database Name
    An alphabetical listing of the hundreds of databases on the Dialog system.

  • Database Number
    A numeric listing of Dialog databases.

  • Subject
    Dialog databases grouped by subject, e.g., business, law & government, news, patents, humanities, etc.

  • OneSearch® Options/Groups
    A DIALINDEX®/OneSearch subject category guide to the hundreds of databases on the Dialog system. Categories include computers, consumer products, education, chemistry, medicine, financial information, business, technology, and many more.

  • Search Index Options
    A listing of Dialog databases, classified by the availability of particular index terms. For example, view a list of all databases that contain a Company Name (CO=) or Standard Industrial Classification (SC=) field.

  • Database Terms and Conditions
    Terms and conditions that apply to each database available on Dialog.


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